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How I use the 5 ways to wellbeing - Day 4

So today is Give

Give??? Give what ? Money, Andy? Well not exactly. Think about a time when you might have helped someone, gave them some advice or helped them do something; gave someone some directions, or got involved with some kind of cause. How did that feel? did it make you feel bad about yourself or your situation. I should wager that the answer is no!

Now one could suggest that this "way" sounds a bit self-righteous, but does that matter. As I mentioned at the start of the week the 5 ways is there to break negative thought patterns, helping you to build resilience; so doing what I have described above could be doing just that.

I might suggest that this is the most personal of the 5 ways as you are giving something of yourself to someone or something else. To do that you have to be comfortable to do it. Plus it could be that you already feel that you give enough, and that's fine too.

Generally I find giving my time and skills to others very motivating and fulfilling: I have certainly given a lot of my time trying to spread the message about Mental Health, but I know that if I help someone, it does make me feel content. That can only be a good thing for my mental health.

I also find that it doesn't have to be a grand gesture. Inspired by an idea from my mum, I have asked friends and colleague to collect their milk bottle tops/caps which if take to a local recycling centre will raise money for a local hospice.

I think I will leave it there, before I start sounding like John Lennon's "Imagine", but I hope that finding a way to give a part of you is something that appeals to you as a way to help your mental health.

See you tomorrow for the last "way" which will be Keep Learning.


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