Mental Health First Aid Training - Adult 2 Day

Mental Health First Aid or MHFA first  started off in Australia in 2000 and came to England in 2007 to help address the growing need to meet mental health issues.  

The premise of the MHFA courses is to educate managers and employees in order to de-sigmatise Mental Health and put it on the same level as physical disorders and  first aid. 

The 2 Day Adult MHFA course is a comprehensive and world class course that will teach your employees: 

  • About the different types of mental health disorders

  • Skills to help a colleague who may be suffering with their mental health such as non-judgemental listening

  • What help and support there is in place to help someone who is struggling

A combination of facilitated group exercises,  presentations, videos and the included MHFA workbook are all used in the course to help learning.  

At the end of the 2 days candidates will receive a certificate to display their status as an Mental Health First Aider. 

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