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How I use the 5 ways to wellbeing - day 3

Today's way is Connect

I would suggest that most people are social animals. That's not to say that there aren't those of us who don't feel they need or even crave other peoples' company, but the majority of us need some level of connection with other human beings. This connection allows us to share experiences, validate knowledge or gain advice and guidance. It can of course also give us an emotional connection to those we know and love. Who really can go through life without some kind of feeling that you are valued by others?

So this tactic taps into that need for connection. I personally love connecting with my friends and family. I find it one of the massive benefits of the technology we have in the modern age. I don't just mean the video conferencing that we are all leaning in heavily at the moment, but social media, which quite rightly has received harsh criticism with regards to its negative aspects; but it has also enabled me not just to keep in touch with my friends but re-establish friendships and connections that I had completely lost touch with. Just recently I have re-connected with some of my university friends, and that has been a lovely experience.

You can therefore see that Connect can give us opportunities to make us feel good about ourselves and our place in the world; one could argue that it could be a distraction from negative thoughts, and also help us externalise some of our issues and problems if you need a caring ear.

Today I wanted to get some advice and catch up with my brother and speaking to him and my sister-in-law was a really positive and happy experience for me.

Again choosing the appropriate people to connect with at the right time for you ( bit like choosing the right type of exercise) might be an assessment you want to make depending on how you are feeling.

See you all tomorrow for Day 4. I will try not to make it so late!


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