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In-House & Bespoke Training

Andy delivers MHFA, Connect 5, Bespoke or Micro-Teach sessions to businesses at their premises, a chosen venue or online. He has an extended network of trusted trainers to draw on for co-delivery sessions and scale up deliveries.


Andy's training manager role at at Havant & East Hampshire Mind means delivery can be in conjunction with the charity and therefore include additional services such as Wellbeing follow up sessions and Employee Assistance Programme counselling.

Every business is different. Your needs and your employees needs will vary depending on your industry or skill levels. There are existing modules that can be added or adjusted to suit your needs. For example, management of anxiety, understanding depression, suicide awareness, mental health conditions to name but a few. It may also be that training needs to be tailored depending on the role someone plays - whether they are a supporter, a manager, client facing or isolated. We can discuss what your challenges are and design a delivery that fits.


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Micro-teaches are a good way of building up knowledge of the mental health challenges that are sadly, so often common. Andy periodically has Open Course format 'Lunch and Learn' sessions available on his training schedule. He also has developed a number of micro-teach sessions for businesses.

These sessions can be 30 minutes to an hour long. These 'bite-sized' training sessions can be extremely useful at giving students time to absorb a subject before moving on to their next training. As with the in-house and bespoke training, these can be adjusted depending on the industry and audience.

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