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Connect 5  

Connect 5 has been developed for the Royal Society for Public Health (RSPH) to help address these problems by releasing some of the core knowledge and skills held by specialist mental health services into the wider health and care workforce, enabling people to feel confident having conversations around health and wellbeing, and make more effective referrals in to mental health services. Andy Foster is a Connect 5 Trainer.

Connect 5 is focused on training staff to enable them to support their patients or clients to live well mentally, to better manage their mental health, increase their resilience and ultimately improve wellbeing. The techniques used by Connect 5 are underpinned by the Five Ways to Wellbeing and a cognitive behavioural model for understanding stress, distress and learning tools for self-management.

  • Be Active

  • Connect

  • Take Notice

  • Keep Learning

  • Give

The course comprises three days of sequential learning and build up skills during each of the sessions. Candidates can choose to do one, two or three days depending on your needs. The first day session is a half day. 


Candidates will learn how to talk to their friends and colleagues about issues they may be facing, and how to use intervention tools to help them change their behaviour and increase their resilience levels.

This course is suited to all levels of employees and management. 


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